The truth about goal setting!

How many of you have set goals in the past? How many of those goals did you achieve within your timeline? And how many of your goals were never achieved?

I totally get it, I have written down more goals than I care to remember, and a high percentage of them were never achieved. They were written down, which is a good first step, but if you then close that journal and never open it again, that goal is already dead. The problem is that we don't give life to our goals, we need to bring them into our day and nurture them. Think of your goals as plants, they need to be feed and watered, they need your attention, otherwise they will wilt and die. Too many of us are allowing this to happen to our goals and our dreams for the future. Goal setting has been around for a long time, yet it is not easy to find a method that will entice us to see our goals through to the finish line. The good news is that this has little to do with the goal setting system you use and more to do with YOU. This means that we can solve the issues as they are within our control. We need to learn how to nurture our goals and see them through to the end. We can then continue to set new goals instead of constantly starting again with the same old goals. Achieving your goals and setting new goals is a great path to be on and leaves us feeling empowered and much happier in our day to day lives. You have to decide if your goals are important enough that you want to change the way you go about goal setting. Goal setting is the focus of our "Journey of Courage" group this month and it's not too late to join us. See website page "Journey of Courage 2020" for program details.

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