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What is self compassion?

Self compassion is holding compassion for yourself, just as you would for a loved one.

What is compassion?

Compassion is the conscious awareness that someone is suffering, coupled with the desire to help reduce their suffering.

What is self compassion?

It's when YOU are suffering and YOU have the desire to reduce your own suffering.

When your friends or family members run into difficulties in life you empathize, you offer support, you do whatever you can to alleviate their pain and make things better. This is perfectly normal behaviour.

Unfortunately, the same does not happen when you are faced with difficult challenges in your own life. You are more likely to self criticize, to get annoyed, to blame yourself, to feel stupid and shameful. This is not the best choice of behaviour, nor does it serve you in any way!

"How could I have been so stupid"

"What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn't"

"I am such a loser"

"No wonder nobody likes me"

"I'm just getting what I deserve"

These are just a few of the phrases that used to come to my mind when I was in this situation. This my friends, is the exact opposite of self compassion, this is self destruction!

The problem with that is that it's a vicious circle, We try so hard to beat our anxiety, build a little confidence, feel like we are slowly making progress, then BAM, one wrong move and we condemn ourselves to the point that we are back at square one!

We all have the capacity to develop self compassion. It does take a mindset shift and it does take awareness. Being self compassionate allows you to accept things the way they are, and allows you to gain a better understanding of yourself and clarity around your life. It's just about YOU, holding space for yourself, being kind to yourself and actually understanding yourself.

I cannot tell you how enlightening this is! As soon as you begin to understand yourself and see yourself as someone who is just as worthy of love and understanding as everyone else, your whole life will begin to change.

From self compassion comes self awareness, self love, self evaluation, self respect, self confidence, self esteem, and self care! It's all about YOU, and there should be nothing more important in your life than YOU! Creating this abundance within yourself allows you to give more to others, because you cup will not just be full, it will be overflowing!

This excites me so much, because I live it, I teach it, I believe it, and I know that it can be the reality for anyone.

YOU make the choices for you and I can only continue to pass along my knowledge and my experiences. Take action now and set up your free consult, let's discuss what is possible for YOU and YOUR LIFE!

It’s your life, live it your way!

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