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Life coaching 1:1 personalized service

This type of coaching is customized to your needs, including length of coaching contract and number of sessions.  In addition to online or in-person coaching sessions you will receive downloadable pdf material to assist you.

As your coach I will be accessible by email and check in calls can be scheduled between sessions to keep you on track and get all of your questions answered.

This is a truly personalized service which focuses entirely on YOU!

At You Know You Best Life coaching we offer very specific coaching to address your individualized needs.

Coaching will truly help you to live your best life possible!

Important aspects of coaching at
You Know You Best


I cannot emphasize how important this word is. It can be difficult to seek answers if we are not aware that there is a problem.  Sometimes we know something isn't quite right, yet we don't know exactly what.  Creating self awareness can be the key to  a happy and successful future.


We are hard wired for connection and we all crave it.  Whether it's connection to others, to nature or to ourselves, it's a vital part of life.  As humans we are designed to cultivate connections and to be part of a great society.  Find ways to extend your circle of connection and create lasting relationships!


Living authentically and being true to yourself means taking a long, hard look in mirror. 

It involves cutting through the BS and uncovering the truth.  It is focusing on the reality; the facts.

Let go of the drama, let go the need to find excuses and focus on the present moment and the fact in play right now!


It takes courage to live the life we want.  We let so many people influence our decisions in life and then we wonder why we don't feel fulfilled.  YOU are the pilot of your own journey, so step up and take control.  YOU are the one who has to live with YOU, be happy with YOUR decisions and enjoy YOUR life!

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