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Mental Health

As some of you know, mental health has played a big part in my life and I am passionate about spreading awareness around the issue. It is certainly nothing you need to be ashamed of or hide behind. Society taught us that it was a taboo subject and that anyone suffering from mental health issues should keep that information to themselves. This, in itself has led to the alarming number of people on anti-depression and anti-anxiety drugs. These drugs are not the answer, they are merely a bandaid. Being able to talk about the issue is more helpful to a sufferer than taking any medication. Most who suffer from mental health issues eventually become very lonely, unable to communicate their problems to anyone. Loneliness is a mental state that can lead to many other issues, such as, heart attack, stroke, drug abuse and alcoholism. Loneliness has been reported as being just as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! My opinion is that there are more mental health sufferers today than ever, mainly due to our lack of connection. Connection is a vital part of life and without it we will struggle. Without human connection we live inside our own heads, with only our own thoughts for company. This isn't healthy and can lead to worsening anxiety and depression. This is the main reason why I now do what I do. Life coaching gives me the opportunity to be that someone to reach out to, that someone who understands and empathizes. Having been that person looking for help, I totally get it and I don't ever judge. What I have learned during my life coaching course, is that everyone has issues of one kind or another and nobody is perfect. If you are suffering or know someone who is, please know that help is always available.

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