It's Your Life ~ Live it your way!

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is focusing on your life from the present moment forward. It is setting goals, being accountable, overcoming challenges.  It is working with you in a "one on one" setting to help you to live your best life possible!

How can it help?

Life coaching may be the answer for you if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, stuck, or just sick of struggling every day.  It focuses on your future and helps you to overcome the habits and self imposed limitations that are keeping you from moving forward.

It's all about YOU!

Life coaching is always led by YOU, the client.  We work on YOUR issues and what is most important to YOU. These are YOUR dreams and YOUR goals.  We all deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life and I would love to have the opportunity to help YOU achieve that.

Why Me?

I am a certified Life Coach and have been trained to provide this service. But more importantly, I have suffered at the hands of depression and anxiety.  I have felt lost and lonely, with no future in sight and no-one to turn to.  My life experiences help me to empathize with those who are struggling in life.

Angela Mackay

Why Life Coaching and why me?

Are you sick of the lack of progress in your life? Year after year, with new promises to yourself but no real action? Maybe it's time to move forward in life, and that is why Life Coaching. Why me? Because, like so many others, I have silently suffered with depression and anxiety for years. Reflecting back, one of the big breakthroughs for me was the realization that the answer would not be found in any book or at any event. The answer to our problems is INSIDE all of us. You already have the answers, you just need to find a way to access them. This was why I decided to become a Life Coach and help others, just like you, to access that potential. Anxiety is a worldwide epidemic that is being treated with a band aid, in the form of antidepressants.  Believe me, the answer is not drugs nor alcohol as this merely dulls the pain and gets you through another day.  The real answer, you already have, inside you, waiting to be uncovered. With the proper coaching and unconditional support, you too can feel the freedom of empowerment. It is time to stop living in fear and starting living the life you deserve.  You can do this and I can help you. 

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