Why we lack connection!

Oh, this one is good! The truth is we are all very well connected, but to the wrong things. Our connection is to our "devices" rather than to ourselves, others and nature. Now be honest here, how many hours a day do you spend connected to your phone, laptop, video games? And how many hours do you spend connecting with yourself? With friends and family? With nature? I am sure, like me, the answers are hitting hard. The awareness of how you really spend your valuable time can create feelings of guilt and shame, but the truth is that awareness can be freeing. You cannot change what you don't acknowledge.

Connection is really just an energy that exists between us and someone or something else. As humans, we are hardwired for connection, and it has been proven, that it impacts our brain development and how our brain performs. This is why it is so important that we become aware of what, or who, we are connecting with. So many people today are suffering from isolation and loneliness and what it boils down to, is a lack of true connection; the type of connection where we give 100% of ourselves, we are authentic and we are real. Genuine connection with others can strengthen our relationships but we can only get out of it what we are putting in. This is why it is so important to go all in. Our connection to ourselves can help us with this. You have to take time out to be with your "self" and to try to comprehend your feelings while letting go of any judgement. This doesn't mean that you won't have negative thoughts, but you must learn to accept your thoughts and feelings and then let them go. You don't have to look at everything as though it were a puzzle that needs to be solved. Just accept it and let it go!

Our next important connection is with nature. Have you ever gone on a walk through the forest, visited a waterfall or strolled along the beach, and instantly felt relaxed? I am a huge lover of nature and one of my favourites are the mountains. Whenever we drive into those Rocky Mountains I swear my blood pressure drops and I instantly feel the tranquility wash over me. As we are currently in the process of moving to Vancouver Island I am excited to start enjoying all of the outdoor activities that it offers. I really don't think that we take our lack of connection to nature seriously enough. Scientists believe that it is a contributing factor to both our physical and mental health, and I agree. Connecting with nature will make us happier, healthier and much more creative.

I hope I have inspired you to turn off those phones, get outside and treat your senses to the tonic of nature! The best part is, it's FREE!

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